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Aristotle College is the first university college in the Swiss Canton of Ticino. It is open to excellent students from the Faculties on the University Campus of Lugano, and to students from the Swiss Italian Conservatory of Music.

Our Legacy

Aristotle College was conceived by a group of friends, in order to respond to the so–called "exodus of intellectual capital". Indeed, this phenomenon is caused by the many young talents who have fled to study abroad over the last few years.
The reason for this migration is the meritocratic principles on which many foreign universities are based.

Faced with this situation, a group of friends, including a banker and a Professor in Philosophy, decided to set up a College that could accommodate and exploit the full potential of highly performing students from all over the world and all faculties, studying at the University of Lugano (Switzerland). The aim is not only to provide room and board but to combine the offer with an exclusive academic program carried out by faculty members and high-level personalities.

With this in mind, on September 13th 2015, the first university College in Canton Ticino was inaugurated, the "Aristotle College".

Our Mission

Aristotle College's mission is synthesized by Thomas of Aquinus' motto: "maius illuminare quam lucere" (it is best to illumine rather than shine).

The College encourages worthy students who are passionate for studying, to think of studying not only as a tool for personal enrichment, but as a form of intellectual assistance.
This is why the College’s Mission consists in "sustaining and promoting the art of studying and service-mindedness".

We promote the art of studying by encouraging students to attend the academic activities we propose.
We sustain service-mindedness by involving students in tutoring and philanthropic initiatives.

Why "Aristotle College"?